An amazing present

An amazing present

         On Children’s day last year, my uncle gave me  a set of microscope as Children's day present.

          It is amazing because it can observe microtome sections of lily pollen, bamboo stem and  even dragonfly wing!

At first, I put a slice of dragonfly wing under the microscope, wow! I saw many cells and veins! I was so excited because it's the first time I had ever seen them.

 Then I put lily pollen slice under it, I saw a lot of objects I had never seen before. They looked like bee's nest.  How interesting!

At last I put bamboo stem slice on, as we all know that bamboo in our eyes is very hard, but through microscope its texture looked like hair with many holes inside!

 What a wonderful microworld! I am totally crazy about it!


          This is the most amazing present I have ever received, I love it very much!  

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